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Decorative Concrete

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In the past, concrete was a dull, plain, grey product used for a wide range of projects and the finished product had zero character. Today’s concrete is much more versatile and beautiful. Many new homes have concrete driveways leading up to their entrance which also has concrete for walkways and outdoor patio.

The trend of modern decorative concrete is not going away anytime soon. Modern concrete is versatile and can mimic more expensive products with the use of dyes and stamps. Stamped overlays on existing concrete can bring a whole new look to a tired old concrete installation, and since the base is already there, the overlay is an inexpensive option.


What are Your Decorative Concrete Options?


If you consider having some decorative concrete project installed at your home, your starting point is to contact Miami Driveway Repair. We have completed plenty of decorative concrete projects in the local area. We have been working with homeowners on decorative concrete installations for new builds and remodeling projects for many years now. If you have questions, contact us to find out more. Our crews are fully trained and have the skill and the knowledge to care for all of your concrete resurfacing and installation needs.


Should you go With a Stamped Overlay or Stamped Concrete?


Although this may sound similar, Miami Driveway Repair wants you to know that there is a difference. Stamped concrete and a stamped overlay are efficient, decorative, and imitate more expensive designs, materials, and patterns. The main difference is that an overlay is installed over the concrete that is already in place. Stamped concrete is completed when the fresh concrete slab is poured. If you consider having concrete installed and want to have a new outdoor patio, driveway, entranceway, or pool deck, and love the look of natural stone. If natural stone is not in your budget, consider stamped concrete.

Using the option of stamped concrete will ensure that you save a great deal of money while getting a finished product that looks incredible. If you have concrete that is looking old and worn out, a concrete overlay can help to liven and renew it. There are plenty of great reasons to choose concrete stamping, and Miami Driveway Repair offers these reasons:

  • We can customize your concrete to look just like a more expensive material, and no one will know the difference once we finish the project.
  • A wide range of designs and patterns can be impressed into the overlay, whether for a commercial or residential space.
  • We can stain the concrete before we stamp it so that it looks more natural.
  • Concrete stamping is an affordable option for a result that you are going to be delighted with.
  • Concrete overlays do not have gaps and joints, so the cleaning process is much easier.
  • Stamped concrete and concrete overlays are usually installed outside but are equally acceptable for indoor spaces.
  • With professional installation, the overlay and stamped concrete products will last for many years into the future.
  • Some overlay options include cobblestone, brick, flagstone, slate, wood, herringbone, European Fan, and Basketweave.

The most significant decision you will have to make is the pattern and design you like the most for your home or business. Miami Driveway Repair is ready to assist you with deciding on which format and print would look the best in your space.

The starting process for a stamped overlay is for us to attend at your home or business and make a full assessment of the space that will be completed. If concrete is in place, we will look at its condition to decide if we can work with it or if it should be replaced. If we are working with existing concrete, we will clean it and prepare the surface so that the overlay will adhere to it. We will then prepare the overlay, mix it and ensure all is set for installation over the slab. The overlay needs to be stamped before it has dried completely. Once the surface has been stamped, it will be left for between 24 and 48 hours to dry. The next step is to color the surface of the concrete, and then when the overlay is dry, and nothing further needs to be done, we will seal the surface to protect it.


Staining the Decorative Concrete – Acid or Water Based Stain?


The two options for concrete stains are acid-based chemical stains and water-based acrylic stains. These stains can be applied to old or new concrete and can help to bring old dull concrete surfaces to life. These stains penetrate the surface of the concrete and are resistant to wear and UV rays.

Miami Driveway Repair has used decorative concrete stains for various projects, including countertops, floors, patios, walkways, walls, and fireplaces. Acid stains are usually a combination of water, acid-soluble metallic salts, and hydrochloric acid. The way stains work is that they penetrate the surface of the concrete and have a chemical reaction with the lime contained in the concrete. The acid in the stain will etch the surface, allowing the metallic salts to penetrate the concrete quickly. The stain then reacts to the concrete and is permanently inside of it so that it will not peel, chip, or fade. Most acid-based stains are earthy style tones, including blue-green, brown, tan, and terra cotta.

Water-based stains offer a wider variety of hues—some of the standard colors, including black, white, and metallic tones. The water-based stain is a blend of pigments and polymers which penetrate the concrete to color it permanently. Concrete stains are designed to enhance the concrete’s surface instead of hiding it. These stains do not hide flaws in the concrete, and they cannot conceal texture or blemishes. Existing concrete slabs with many flaws and cracks may not be an excellent candidate to receive such color. If there is anything on the surface of the concrete that can inhibit the color from penetrating the concrete, such as a coating, glue, dirt, sealer, grease, or a curing membrane, then color may not be a good choice.


Stained Decorative Concrete – Inside and Outside


Most concrete stains are designed to be used on both indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. You might wonder how you decide which product is best for your project. The deciding factors are mostly exposure conditions, how easy it is to apply the stain, the look you want to achieve, and the safety in using the product.

Indoor staining should only be used where there is proper ventilation. Miami Driveway Repair would only use a product that has a low VOC content in such applications. Certain chemical stains can be dangerous and irritating to the lungs, eyes, and skin if used indoors.

Chemical concrete stains can be messy when used indoors, and that is why it is essential to have professionals do the work for you. Miami Driveway Repair has plenty of experience working with all types of concrete stains.

Outdoor Staining

Both acid-based and water-based concrete stains are suitable for outdoor use and offer UV resistance. Since acid stains can penetrate more deeply and react chemically with the concrete, they can resist wear and fade over time. These stains provide barriers to moisture penetration into concrete which can damage it over time.

Call Miami Driveway Repair for your next concrete stamping or coloring project. We can offer plenty of good advice and our team of experts for your concrete project. Ask for a free consultation and estimate. We can take care of your concrete needs.