New Concrete Sidewalk in Miami

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Miami Driveway Repair is the company that you should think of when you want a sidewalk installed. We can take care of sidewalk installation and repair. Sidewalks are woven into the very fabric of urban areas and offer a place to walk or ride a bike. These paths are found along every street and throughout residential areas, recreational areas, and strata complexes. They can also be commonly found in golf courses, in parks, and along seawalls. Sidewalks are designed to protect the landscaping while increasing walkability over surfaces and keep people safe and separate from traffic on the roads.


What Type of Sidewalk Option are you Looking for?


You have a lot of options when it comes to having a sidewalk installed. You can choose concrete or asphalt, or you can have your sidewalk custom designed. Sidewalks offer more than just an access point. When a sidewalk is constructed from concrete, it requires some expertise and some creativity to have some curb appeal. If you are looking to add a design element that looks good, sidewalks are one thing to consider.

Miami Driveway Repair knows that grey concrete is the most commonly chosen surface for sidewalk installations. There are plenty of decorative options that can move your sidewalk from the boring zone into an eye-catching centerpiece. You can change the color of the concrete, and you can have it stamped with a variety of designs to make your concrete look exotic, like an expensive slate or stone.


What Services do we Offer Relating to Sidewalks?


Miami Driveway Repair offers just about any service you can think of that is related to sidewalk installation. We take care of everything from start to finish to ensure that you get what you are looking for.

  • First, we excavate the site where you want to have a sidewalk installed. We level the area and compact it so that it is ready for concrete.
  • We measure, cut, and install wooden forms to receive the concrete when it is ready to be poured. We pour the concrete expertly without the need for excessive reinforcement and rebar. 
  • We know what materials to place under the concrete to help it last for an extended period into the future. We choose suitable materials that will ensure your project is not going to crack or sink.
  • We do not need to use an excessive amount of concrete because we know that your sidewalk is for your personal use, not for thousands of people to pass over. The ability to use less material allows us to be able to pour your project more quickly. If you choose an asphalt sidewalk, the process is much faster than concrete because the asphalt is rolled out and ready to be used in a few short hours, rather than waiting for concrete to set up and harden for weeks.
  • Next, we will seal and finish the sidewalk. We know that the sidewalk is a focal point of your property, so we take special care to ensure that the style and appearance are something that you will be happy with for years to come. We can color the concrete, stamp it, and add aggregate or glass into the blend so that the finished result is incredible.

At Miami Driveway Repair, we finish your sidewalk so that it will last for decades into the future. Our work on your project includes the completion of drainage and stormwater systems so that your yard will drain correctly and no water will pool on the sidewalk.

If you are ready to get started with a sidewalk project, give Miami Driveway Repair a call. We would be pleased to discuss your project with you and offer you a free estimate on the work to be done. We will send an estimator to your home to visit the site and decide on the scope of work to be completed. We will work with you, always consulting with you to determine what you are looking for. We will offer you a fair price on the project from start to finish. Once you decide to proceed, Miami Driveway Repair will be happy to get started on your sidewalk installation project right away.