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At first glance, a retaining wall can look like stacked stones, concrete, or brick, but it is a complete system that requires careful planning and installation. Retaining walls are a valuable and effective tool for supporting slopes and holding them in place. When a retaining wall is installed, it can increase your yard space and add extra curb appeal to your property and home. Homeowners should use retaining walls when they want to prevent soil or slopes from eroding. Retaining walls help elevate a driveway or to keep a landscape design in place.

Have you been thinking about installing a retaining wall? We here at Miami Driveway Repair are ready to come to your location and help you make the most critical decisions. We want you to know that we have plenty of experience with the installation of retaining walls, and we make safety our number one priority. We have extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to building safe and durable retaining walls. One of the primary considerations for building a reliable retaining wall is working knowledge of the lateral pressure of the materials that sit behind the wall.  The retaining wall should be designed to be safe for the environment and the demands placed on the wall.

When Miami Driveway Repair constructs retaining walls, we consider the lateral pressure and understand that the wall needs to be resistant to cracking, bowing, tilting, and be durable for the long term. One main issue is that inexperienced contractors do not construct retaining walls correctly, which can pose a danger to you and your family. The division may collapse over time if it is not installed the right way. When you hire Miami Driveway Repair, we will ensure that your retaining wall is solid, safe and will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life.


More Outdoor Space with a Retaining Wall


If you want to have more outdoor living space that is both functional and attractive, Miami Driveway Repair is ready to help. When you want to plan and build a retaining wall that will last for years into the future, we bring our ideas and experience. We can add stepping stones throughout your retaining wall so that it valuable and functional too. We have so many design options and use them to add value to your property.


Decorative Retaining Walls


Miami Driveway Repair works with every customer to ensure that they have attractive and safe retaining walls.  We know that this is a fixture in your yard that is permanent and will be in place for years to come. If you decide that you would like your wall to be constructed from concrete with masonry features or stonework, we will work together to ensure that you receive a finished product that you will enjoy for years into the future. We are happy to discuss this work with you, including your design options and how we can fit your preferences into the finished piece.


Parking Lot Retaining Walls


Miami Driveway Repair is an experienced contractor that has created countless retaining walls for residential and commercial spaces. When you need to get more out of your commercial parking lot, a retaining wall can prevent soil erosion and ensure that it is properly drained. The completed wall will also be functional and safe. Our team can provide you with the answers that you need.


Driveway Retaining Walls


Many people wish that they had a little bit more room in their driveway. Extra driveway room can be accomplished with driveway retaining walls. The driveway retaining wall can be planned and installed so that your driveway is raised and widened.  The completed product will be safe, balanced, durable, and able to support the weight of vehicles parked on it. A key component to a safe and secure retaining wall is proper drainage so that the wall remains stable and does not bulge.


Concrete Retaining Walls


If you are looking for a cost-effective way to erect a retaining wall, one way is to construct it from concrete. It is easy and quick to pour a concrete wall, and the results are instantaneous. Call us at Miami Driveway Repair when you would like to have more information.


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